A bar welcomes you in Amsterdam

A bar is the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam’s high-end cocktail bar, a place where everything that makes the city and area so special comes together.

A bar specializes in putting a modern spin on classic cocktails. The selection showcases the wealth of fine Dutch spirits supplied by the best distilleries in Amsterdam and Holland. The essential components of the cocktails are made right here, in close collaboration between the bar and the kitchen. From components like syrups made from spices or fruits, or the many infusions, or the garnishes - to more unconventional techniques, like fat washes.

A bar has collected the finest in uniquely Dutch spirits available today and made them the backbone of its cocktail menu. This is the concept of the bar and our special cocktails, which you will find nowhere else. Each is inspired by the city of Amsterdam and one of its eight characteristic boroughs. Each borough has its own distinct identity, and that’s the identity that we bring out in the drink. Such as a beer cocktail (with Heineken-brewed Amstel) for De Pijp, where Heineken’s first brewery is located, or travel to the Transvaalbuurt to taste the Dutch connection to South Africa.